Your system, in safe hands

90 minute rule

Your system, in safe hands

The very cornerstone of our service & maintenance operation is the ASM (Area Service Manager). We have ASM’s distributed around the UK responsible for a clearly and carefully defined portfolio of clients and their systems. Based on the unique ’90-minute Rule’ we structure our distribution based on the concept that an ASM should never be more than 90 minutes from their furthest client. This pragmatic approach to the structure of engineering teams ensures we can safely respond to issues within our contracted SLA’s and provide our clients with a ‘local’ resource, while also considering bigger issues such as environmental impact. When a new customer decides to partner with Link, the first job is assigning them their ASM and beginning this all-important relationship.


What are the benefits of having your own, dedicated ASM? For this we refer to our concept of “Unique by Design”, a concept that states we look to provide the best solution to a problem whether or not it fits with accepted practises of our industry – we do it differently, but for good reason. Imagine your previous experiences with other service providers, what happens when you log a problem? Do you face an endless parade of anonymous engineers, one of whom may fix the fault, perhaps on the third attempt? Or what if the fault were more complex, can the engineer discuss the options with you or do you get immediately referred to an account manager or salesperson? This is certainly our combined experience of the industry. A place for everyone and everyone in their place; a frustrating, faceless experience.


With an ASM, you have a dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable resource. You get a familiar face, an engineer who becomes intimately familiar with your systems and site and more than that, you get a responsible account manager. Our ASM’s have the knowledge, tools and resources to provide you with everything you need to successfully manage your system(s) in a single point of contact. We have worked the ASM model since the inception of Link CCTV over 20 years ago and from proven execution, it works to elevate the client experience and provide an effective, hybrid solution to engineering and account management. The ASM’s are back-up by an experienced team in the 24/7 Operations Support call centre, along with easy access to senior management, systems designers, sales consultants and engineering support.


Our ASM’s undertake regular technical and safety training to ensure they have the specialist skills and knowledge to effectively service the systems in their portfolio. While all our ASM’s are employed for their significant experience and qualifications, we further their knowledge by allowing them to dictate their own training and development and in the process develop a wide diversity of product expertise. Some ASM’s may have networking expertise while others may be an expert on all things analogue, some will be proficient in a specific manufacturer while others in a niche technology. Regardless of their technical preference, with the risks in our industry, all ASM’s undertake IOSH training, Working at Height, Electrical Safety, Asbestos Awareness and IPAF as standard.

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