Local Authorities

A CCTV in operation sign installed for Chelmsford City Council by Link CCTV Systems.

Our knowledge and experience, obtained from working directly with local authorities for over 25 years, make us the perfect partner for your monitoring, surveillance and security systems.

Proven to reduce crime, secure prosecutions and help build safer neighbourhoods, Link CCTV System’s Council solutions tackle anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and many more offences that occur in public spaces.

Link CCTV Systems also offer a redeployable security solution, which is flexible to your requirements. They can be installed at practically any location and quickly repositioned to suit your needs.


Why does your Neighbourhood need CCTV?

The main aims of CCTV are:

  • crime prevention and reduction in evidence gathering
  • contribution to community safety/public reassurance
  • security of property including car parks

Once an incident is identified, the Security Team can inform Police and aid them when possible. Following an arrest, CCTV footage can be used as evidence.

Link CCTV Systems maintain the security systems for a number of local authorities, including the London Borough of Kingston, and have completed system upgrades and installations for many others. Some notable upgrades include the City of Chelmsford, Epping Forest District Council and Braintree.

Local Authority Projects


18 new cameras and DVR installed on a housing estate for Epping Forest District Council.

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Chelmsford City (2023)

Multiple CCTV cameras installed in the city centre and surrounding areas, including in Central Park, the skate park and train station.

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Witham Council

Re-deployable 4G cameras installed for Witham Town Council

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Chelmsford City Council (2020)

200 new cameras installed in various areas, including; public parks, shopping centres, high-streets, community centres and car-parks.

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Waltham Abbey Redeployable Cameras

Multiple temporary and re-deployable 4G solutions installed to combat issues with Anti-Social Behaviour and Fly Tipping.

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Epping Forest District Council (2021)

Installation of new CCTV system and over 60 cameras, connected locally upon a new fibre optic network

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Chelmsford City Council Bunny Walks

Multiple new cameras across the Chelmer Valley nature reserve, all wirelessly transmitted back to the control room to provide live monitoring

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Epping Forest District Council (2022)

Installation of two new local authority systems, introduced to monitor the local community shopping parades

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Braintree District Council

Multiple cameras situated on site upon newly erected columns, all installed by the Link Projects Team.

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