Victoria Centre

Security Systems Upgrade

Victoria Centre

The Link CCTV Systems’ Projects Team have completed a large security systems upgrade at Victoria Centre in Nottingham.




Static CCTV
Control Room refurbishment

Completion Date

January 2024

In an impressive 12-week span (at the end of 2023), Link CCTV Systems successfully completed a large project at Nottingham’s Victoria Centre, upgrading its security systems with Pelco’s cutting-edge solutions. This project not only highlighted the prowess of the Link Projects Team but also underscored the reliability of Pelco’s equipment in enhancing the safety and surveillance capabilities of the shopping centre.

Every facet of the Victoria Centre’s CCTV infrastructure underwent a significant upgrade with Pelco solutions. From static to PTZ cameras, servers, and workstations, Pelco’s state-of-the-art equipment ensured not only high-definition clarity but also seamless integration across all systems.

A standout feature of the project was the creation of a custom-built control room, meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of the Victoria Centre. The room boasted impressive LED lighting, and introduction of an awe-inspiring monitor wall further heightened real-time surveillance capabilities, empowering security personnel to monitor the entire premises with enhanced precision.

Beyond the technological advancements, the project stood out for its efficiency and minimal disruption to daily operations. Link Projects demonstrated professionalism and expertise, ensuring that the upgraded security systems were seamlessly integrated with minimal downtime.

The integration of Pelco solutions, coupled with the expertise of the Link Projects Team, has resulted in a state-of-the-art security system, ensuring the safety of all staff and customers at the Victoria Centre. A huge thanks to Pelco for supplying the technology, and to the Link Projects Team for once again excelling on a large project.

Ian Goodacre, Technical/Shopfit Manager at the Victoria Centre, had some very positive feedback regarding the project. He gave the following responses when asked about the service provided by Link.

Has the improvement in quality improved/assisted with capturing events? If so, in what way?

Yes, the improved quality of images has made a big difference in the reviewing of incidents.

Has the camera quality allowed you to further capture activity in levels of low light?

Still too early to say but just from seeing the low light images we are certain that incidents will be captured if far higher quality than previously.

Has the improved coverage of the centre and car parks increased the individuals that are actively captured by CCTV?

Yes, we now have coverage in more key locations than ever before

How did you find Link CCTV Systems project management and delivery?

We were pleasantly surprised with Links performance during this project. Right from the very beginning we felt assured that Link would deliver exactly what we required and we were not disappointed. One of the most customer focused businesses that we have worked with.

Was the Link team easy to work with?

Yes, from the MD through to the installation team, everyone was very professional, communicated clearly and fully understood and appreciated the environment that they were working within.

How is the ongoing support?

So far so good, we are still to fully utilise the formal call out procedure though.

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