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Intruder Alarms

What is an Intruder Alarm? An Intruder Alarm is an electronic device that emits a loud noise when someone attempts to gain unauthorized entry to a building or other premises.

Link CCTV Systems are qualified to install intruder alarm systems and deliver a monitoring service from an Alarm Receiving Station (ARC) or remote Monitoring Station, because we are a fully accredited NSI Gold company. We ensure that every intruder alarms installation is fully compliant with the standards set by NACOSS, providing the best, reliable and latest technology you can trust. As your needs grow, we guarantee that systems installed have the flexibility to expand, to match them.


Depending on the situation, Link can utilise hard wired or wireless systems, providing the most practical and effective design solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Due to the vast experience that Link possesses, we can integrate intruder alarms with additional systems, including CCTV cameras for video verification.


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