Link CCTV Systems partner with Genetec

Link genetec partnership

Link CCTV Systems partner with Genetec

We are delighted to announce that Link CCTV Systems have partnered with Genetec as part of the Genetec Channel Partner Program.


Genetec are leaders in intelligent and innovative networked physical security products, services and solutions. They deliver outstanding value and quality to their customers, thereby earning their respect and loyalty.


The Genetec Channel Partner Program is designed to support and reward highly skilled and certified security service providers. It gives us valuable access to territory protection, discounts, co-op credits and many other valuable benefits, helping us to further develop and grow as a business. Genetec provide us with safer, more secure environments on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid.


We will benefit from excellent service and support, alongside a variety of tools that are provided to help us manage all situations. The channel partner program also offers the industry’s only advanced, by invitation only, SDK certification, which shows us how to maximise Genetec’s portfolios capabilities and respond to specific requirements of individual customers.


As part of the requirements to achieve partner status, two members of the Link Engineering team, Bradley Greenslade and Habib Haque, completed Genetec courses to understand how to use their CCTV and Access Control systems. They both passed the course and benefited hugely from it.


We are very excited and proud to partner with Genetec and very much look forward to working together for the foreseeable future.


Learn about the Genetec channel program here.

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