Project Complete: Epping Forest District Council

Epping Forest District Council Job Complete

Project Complete: Epping Forest District Council

We are delighted to announce the completion of a project within a large Broadway for Epping District Council.


The project involved installing a new CCTV system and over 60 8MP Hikvision cameras which are connected locally upon a new fibre optic network, which the Link Installation team distributed.


Link partnered with AMG Systems, who provided a robust wireless solution for multiple street camera locations, a cost-effective alternative to installing new ducting upon the Broadway.


To complete the job, an impressive long range backhaul wireless link was installed to allow the Council to access the system remotely.


We are very proud of our Installation Team, who once again excelled on this project. Their hard work, commitment and camaraderie ensured that the work was completed to the highest standard, and on time as always.


Here’s what our clients had to say


“Thank you Ryan and to the team for an exceptional and a professional service. It is always a little un nerving when using a new contractor for the first time particularly on what is one of our most sensitive and high profile locations.


You have certainly earned a place on our books and I would not hesitate to invite you to tender for future projects with total confidence.”


Check out the gallery below to see how the project developed. Click on each image to expand it.

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