Can your business benefit from Integrated Security Platforms?

Integrated Security Platforms

Can your business benefit from Integrated Security Platforms?

Link CCTV Systems, in partnership with CSE Chatterbox, are proud to offer an integrated security platform, from Motorola Solutions.


Combine CCTV, Body-worn Cameras, and Radio and Smart Phone Technology together in a powerful unified solution:

  • Have your control room alerted with live audio and video, when a body-worn camera is activated.
  • Have security teams on the ground receive live audio and text alerts in response to security incidents.
  • Manage your site though a single, user friendly interface.
  • Improve your visibility and response times, so your security teams can resolve issues before they escalate.


Find out how AI technology embedded in cameras can help detect unwanted and unusual behaviour accurately and reliably.
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Body-Worn Cameras
Help protect your staff with a comfortable and discreet deterrent against anti-social behaviour, backed up with audio and video recording of incidents.
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Radio & Smart Phone Technology
Learn how radio and smart phone devices can be linked with CCTV and Body Worn Cameras to improve Communication, Health & Safety and operational efficiency.
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Learn more about CSE Chatterbox’s Motorola Solutions


Click here to watch a video to learn about how VT100 and VB400 Body-Worn Cameras enable front-line staff and security professionals to record audio and video footage to deter aggression, capture evidence and stream incidents as they occur.



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